This another powerful song inspired by the Holy spirit. Written by Lizzy Delight. It focuses on the results of our faith in Christ Jesus. Following Jesus is the key to life . ” Igbagbo Dun” it is a song everyone should listen to.

Song Lyrics

Chorus:Igbagbo dun mosare to Jesu lo
  Igbagbo dun mosare to Christy lo

Solo1: Ni igba kan ri, omije ni lojojumo
Ni igba kan ri ko masi alabaro rara
Ni igba kan ri moun toroje ka a kiri
Mowa to Jesu wa, o wa fun mi ni isinmi

Solo2: Ara Ewa gbo oun Olu se laye mi
Ore Ewa gbo ore ti Jesu se
Osegun fun mi, o so mi di Omi nira
Igbagbo dun, Mosare to Christy lo

Lyrics in English

Chorus: Faith is satisfying
That’s why I run to Jesus
Faith is satisfying
That’s why I run to Jesus

Solo1: In the past, I weep everyday
In the past, nobody to comfort me
In the past, I begged for food everyday
When I came to Jesus He gave me rest

Back to Chorus

Solo2: Everyone come and hear what Jesus has done in my life
Friends come hear the goodness of Jesus
He fought and won my battles for me, He gave me freedom
Faith in Christ is satisfying
That’s why I run to Jesus

Back to Chorus

Vamp: Everybody come, I bring good tiding, I bring Joy
Its Good tidings from Jesus, the Saviour
Run to Jesus, He will give you salvation
Run to Jesus, He will give you rest
Run to Jesus, He will wipe your tears away
He is the Saviour of the world
He is deliverer
Those who have Jesus have salvation
Those who have Jesus have rest
Friends run to Jesus, He is the Saviour

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