Praise is commonly for the upright, and it is the heavenly lifestyle.

Song Lyrics

They call me praise
Now they call me Emmypraize I’m on my way
Now I’m raised
Now I’m making top in God in everyday
Now watch my face
They are filled with love and blessings from the hill
And my feet
Always taking me to place I feel my God

Verse 1
They call me waste, a pace, they said that I was craze
Now I make it to the top they call me Emmypraize
Praise praise now I give my praise
Now I give my praise to God that make me win the race
Now I can give my praise to God now
No I can’t give my praise to world now
You turning me up turning me down the world now
You cant get me let me hold my God now
The devil he want me
No no no yehh
But God now he want me
Oh oh oh yes
He raise and guild me
Oh oh oh yes
I love God Oh my God
Oh oh oh!


Verse 2
Now I’m making top and I’m make it out
He’s the God of all never put in doubt
He’s the God that made the whole world that’s the fact
He’s the God that made me rapper that’s the fact
Now I love my life and I love my God
You should never hate the God that made it all
Cause you hate him you will always get a fault
And his blessings you will never get at all
Now he get me and he raised me gimme all now
But the devil cannot get me what a shame now
I am Emmy and I’m praising give him praise now
I am Emmy give him praise I give him praise

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